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FP Du Toit

If you Don't Have a Dream

For a long time this Namibian brand dreamt of a purpose-built new depot in Johannesburg. Not only because that's where the business is – “we simply wanted to offer our clients a centralized and even more effective service than what they've become used to”

7 November was an auspicious day. Not only did it mark the day of the opening of their new state of the art facility, 7 November 2012 also happened to be the 96th birthday of Frans and Willie du Toit's mother, which was more than a good reason for this facility to be named after her - the Gerrie du Toit Depot. She is, after all, the wife of the late Maans du Toit, founder of the company, and the proverbial "strong woman found behind every successful man”.

“It has taken us 44 years to get here, but like all good things it was worth the wait.” The Gerrie du Toit Depot was designed as eco-friendly possible within the constraints and challenges of an industrial building. Rain water is harvested from its roofs and stored in 7 x 10 000 liter tanks for use in washrooms as well as serving the air conditioning system; run-off rain water from the large paved areas is stored in a 600 000 liter underground concrete reservoir to be used for the washing of vehicles; the “plaas koeler” air conditioning system used in the warehouse and workshop areas each feature only one electric motor for air distribution; with no other moving parts it works on the same cooling principle - through evaporation - as the systems used on farms for many decades before electricity was available; in winter time the the air conditioning flow can be reversed to harvest hot air from under the building's roofs and distributed to offices for heating purposes; once agreement with Ukurhuleni Metro Council has been reached for “grid-in–feeding” of electricity the roof areas will be covered with PV solar panels to generate enough electricity for own use and the lush gardens irrigated from solar pump driven bore holes. “Our aim is to be as independent from municipal services possible so to lighten our environmental foot print” says Managing Director Willie du Toit. When measured against present and announced future increases in municipal services, his calculations show the investment in environmental friendly measures will have paid for itself in less than four years! If you don’t have a dream, you won’t have a dream come true.