AMS says Thank you…

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AMS says Thank you…
We cannot start the year in any other way than saying Thank you to each and every one who believes in us
and the support to help us reaching our goals. Every donation – no matter how big or how small – enabled
us to do the following from September 2023 – January 2024

Printing of 30 000 Workbooks of Themes 1 – 6
• Preparing 25 crates with resources for new teachers who were trained
in December 2023
• Packing the Workbooks and Stationary for 260 teachers
• Distribution all these packs of Workbooks and boxes of Stationary to all
parts of Namibia
A special ‘Word of Thanks’ to Nicky of Waltons for
helping us to distribute it !
• All the ladies who knitted dolls to enable us to send the dolls to our students in the various regions.
• Thank you to every one who offered help in the store !

Training of new teachers.

01 – 07 December 2023 at Otavi.
Thank you Johaniter Hostel for hosting us once gain.
21 new teachers and 4 new Assistants were trained.

Re-Training at Grootfontein

We did a ‘refreshment ‘ training with teachers
who were some of the first to be trained by AMS.
Thank you DEGNOS for hosting us and allowing
us to enrich these special teachers

We have , once again, realised over what a wide area
they are spread.
Thank you Riana, our monitor, for what you are doing !

Monitor Workshop

26-28 January 2024
Thank you Arebbusch Travel Lodge for hosting us for an amazing weekend!
We had the privilege to have Ettienne Visser, Managing Director, WALTONS as our guest speaker.
Thank you Ettienne for explaining Goal Setting in such a unique way to our Monitors.
They were very impressed and couldn’t wait to take the information back to their teachers.

African Leadership Institute

African Leadership Institute
Thank you ALI and FPduToit for the amazing opportunity to enrich our monitors and teachers by allowing
them to do the Certificate in Transformational Leadership.
The first monitors to complete the course :
Magda Shamalaza has now completed her Diploma in Transformational Leadership.
Gertrude Bull and Hellena Shikongo has completed the
Certificate in Transformational Leadership
As Gertrude said : “ What a life changing opportunity! “

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