New Home for Wesbank Teams

August 11 2023

We are excited to announce that several of our Wesbank Transport teams have moved to a new office location in Walvis Bay!

Effective immediately, the following departments can now be found at:

Wesbank Transport No2 C/O Mulderine & Ben Amathila Ave, Walvis Bay

  • Finance, Administration & HR
  • Warehouse Operations
  • Container & National Transport
  • Cross Border Transport

This new centralized office will allow our teams to collaborate more seamlessly on providing top-notch service for our clients.

The move was completed successfully on 9/08/23 and all teams are now fully operational from the new Walvis Bay headquarters.

Please update your contacts accordingly and reach out to your Wesbank representatives if you have any questions about this transition.

We can’t wait for you to see our new, modern office space designed to better serve our customers. This move marks an exciting new chapter as we continue to grow and innovate as a leading transport company!

Let us know if you need any additional details on the Wesbank office move. We’re happy to provide more information.

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